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Efile Instructions and Information

  • Our case management system is name-based driven.  When filing a new petition, please include ALL of the parties' full name and address.  This helps us match up already existing parties in our system.

  • All Motions and Orders are to be lead documents (do not use the proposed order feature in efile).

  • Any exhibits or attachments to your lead document should be scanned behind it (do not use the attachment feature in efile).

  • If requesting citations be issued, please file a cover letter (as a lead document) setting out your request for service, the address for service and any other instructions for the clerk.

  • Do not efile hearing exhibits.  Please bring them to court with you for your hearing.  If you need to send a copy to the judge for review, please email the coordinator.

  • Please do not efile Ex Parte Motions and Orders - you may email those to us (at districtclerk@co.polk.tx.us) and we will send them to the Judge -- please mark your email as Ex Parte- Do Not Disclose.