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Juror Information

Our justice system depends on you. 
The right to trial by jury is the foundation
of our American justice system. 
We, the people decide. 
Please report for jury service.

Welcome to Polk County's New Jury Service Department

Administered by the Polk County District Clerk's Office, the Jury Services Department is your one-stop shop for correspondence, notices, and jury questions in District, County Court at Law, Justice of the Peace courts. This new system was approved by the Polk County Commissioners Court to make the jury process more efficient and effective.

The new system is designed to be easy and quick to use. It will allow a jury to register and complete an online questionnaire. Once registered, jurors will receive notifications and updates to their jury service via email, phone, or text message. 

eResponse System

The Jury Services department is excited to introduce our new eResponse system. This web-based system gives you the opportunity to respond to your jury service notices online.

Summons - the summons you received in the mail is your official jury summons and includes a QR code that is a link to the eResponse system.  You can also access this link by clicking the Jury eResponse link above, or, if you have no means of completing the questionnaire by phone, iPad, or computer, please fill out it and bring it with you to jury duty.

The eResponse system will allow you to provide an e-mail and phone number that will be used to send you notifications and reminders regarding your jury service.

On eResponse you can:

  • Notify us of a disqualification from jury service.
    (see Qualification for Jury Service below for more info.)

  • Claim an exemption for this jury service or all jury service.
    (see Exemption From Jury Service below for more info.)

Qualifications for Jury Service

If you do not meet each of the below qualifications you cannot serve as a juror in Polk County.  If any of these apply to you mark it accordingly in eResponse and the system will remove you from jury service.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Be a citizen of the United States.

  • Be a resident of Polk County, Texas.

  • Be qualified under the Constitution and laws to vote in Polk County.

  • Be of sound mind and good moral character.

  • Be able to read and write.

  • Have not served as a petit juror for six days during the preceding six months in a district court or during the preceding three months in a county court.

  • Have never been convicted of a misdemeanor theft or any felony.

  • Not be under indictment or other legal accusation for misdemeanor theft, or any other felony charge. 


Exemptions From Jury Service

You are not required to claim an exemption from jury service; however, you may choose to be excused from this particular jury service if you are:

  • Over 75 years of age for Petit Juror and 70 for Grand Juror.  (If you wish to claim a permanent exemption from all jury service, please mark Number 10 on the Jury summons Over 75 Permanent Exemption and wish to claim a permanent exemption, sign your summons at the bottom and mail it back to the Polk County District Clerk’s Office.  You will be marked permanently excused.)

  • The legal custodian of a child younger than 12 years of age (or 18 years of age for grand jury) and service on the jury would require leaving the child without adequate supervision.

  • A student at a public or private high school or in actual attendance at an institution of higher education.

  • An officer or employee of the Senate, the House of Representatives, or any department commission, board, office, or any agency in the legislative branch of state government. (Being an employee of TDCJ does not exempt you from service

  • The primary caretaker of a person who is unable to care for him/herself.

  • In active service of any branch of the U.S. military and deployed outside of Polk County.

If you have questions or wish to defer your jury service date, contact our office at 936-327-6814.  If you do not have access to a computer, iPad or smart phone to access eResponse you can call the Interactive Voice Response system at (844) 927-2687.

To access eResponse you will need your juror candidate number and your date of birth.  The juror candidate number can be located on your jury summons just under the bar code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jury service mandatory?

Yes.  The United States Constitution and the Texas State Constitution guarantee the right to trial by jury.  State law obligates all qualified residents to serve as a juror. 

In addition, Texas Government Code, Section 62.0141, Section 62.111 and Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 19A.054 all state that a person shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $500 if the person fails to attend court in obedience to a summons without reasonable excuse or files a false claim of exemption from jury service.


How was I selected?

You were selected at random through the electronic jury system used by the Polk County Jury Services department from a list provided to us by the Texas Secretary of State.  This list is composed of those holding a valid driver’s license, personal ID card/certificate, and or voter registration in Polk County Texas.


How can I claim an exemption or disqualification from jury service?

If you qualify to claim an exemption or disqualification from jury service then you will be excused and will not have to appear on your summons date.  In order to claim either, log onto eResponse and complete the questions.  Based on your answers the system will determine if you qualify for either and will inform you that the exemption/disqualification has been approved.  No further action will be necessary from you.


How can I postpone (defer) my jury service?

Please call the Polk County District Clerk’s office at 936-327-6814 to speak to someone about deferral.


Can my employer prevent me from serving as a juror?

No.  State law prohibits an employer from discriminating against an employee for taking time off to serve as a juror. 

Note to employers.  Pursuant to Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Section 122.001 Juror’s Right to Reemployment; Notice of Intent to Return.

  1. A private employer may not terminate the employment of a permanent employee because an employee serves as a juror.

  2. An employee whose employment is terminated in violation of this section is entitled to return to the same employment that the employee held when summoned for jury service if the employee, as soon as practical after release from jury service, gives the employer actual notice that the employee intends to return. 


Does my employer have to pay me while I serve on jury duty?

No.  State law does not require employers to compensate their employees while on jury service.  Many employers, however, do support the jury system.  Please check with your employer regarding your company’s policy.


What is acceptable attire for jury service?

“Business casual” is considered the appropriate way to dress for jury service.  Nice jeans are also allowed.  Shorts, uniforms, tank tops, flip flops, holes in any clothing is not allowed.  Hats can be worn but will be required to be removed in the courtroom.


What if I have a disability, medical/mental health issue that prevents me from attending?

Polk County will try to accommodate anyone with a disability or medical/mental health issue, however, a juror my also choose to be excused because of a disability or medical/mental health issue.  If this is the case, a juror must have their physician send a letter advising of your inability to serve on a jury.  The doctor should advise whether the medical/mental excuse is to be permanent or temporary and if temporary, give a date in which you are able to being serving again.  Please complete the eResponse questionnaire and indicate you will be completing this form so we can place your status in “documentation pending”.  You can deliver this form by mail, email jurysupport@co.polk.tx.us, or fax 936-327-6851.


Can I be excused due to work related reasons? 

No.  You cannot be excused for work related or economic reasons.  However, once you are in the voir dire process within a judge’s courtroom you can make your request known to the judge and they will make a final decision.


What if I have a planned vacation on the date I am to appear for jury duty?

Just call the office ahead of time, anyone of my trained deputies can discuss the possibility of postponing your jury service to accommodate your schedule.

Do I get paid for my jury services?

Yes.  Jurors who appear for jury selection will be paid $20.00 cash for their attendance.  You have the option of making a donation to local or state charities by using the donation boxes provided in the lobby.

Jurors chosen to serve on a jury will be paid $58.00 per day beginning on the second day of service.  You will be given a payment form each day of service to fill out and provide a mailing address. You will have the opportunity on that payment form to donate part or all of your payment. A check will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks from the County Treasurer.


No one from Polk County will ever call or text you requesting you pay a fine for failing to appear for jury service.  If you receive this type of communication, please notify the Polk County Sheriff’s Office 936-327-6810.